Apple App Store Integration

Apple App Store Integration

Follow the below steps below for integrating your App Store account

We require the following details for connecting an App Store connect account
    • Apple Appstore Connect API credentials
      Note: an API key can only be generated by an Account holder/Admin users
    • API Key ID

    • API Issuer ID

How To Generate API credentials

  • Set the name as ‘LocalClarity API key’ & set the access to ‘Admin

  • Click on Generate

  • The generated key is listed in the Keys section. This key needs to be downloaded and shared to LocalClarity. It will be stored securely in our platform. 

  • Ensure that the key is not shared to anyone but LocalClarity
    Note: The key can only be downloaded once

How To Find API Key ID

The Key ID will be present beside the download link in the Keys section in the Users & Access page

How To Find API Issuer ID

  • The Issuer ID can be found in the Keys section in the Users & Access page, above the ‘Active Keys’

Connecting to LocalClarity

Return to the LocalClarity platform. Navigate to your settings module, highlighted in the lower lefthand corner seen below. From there, select the Apple App Store integration option, and "+" to add in your App details. 

Remember- you can select the highlighted eye icon at any point in time to return to these instructions. Once you have completed inputting your details, select submit. Please allow the platform some time to populate all of your reviews, metrics, and data. 

Please reach out to us at with any questions or for additional support in integrating your app reviews!

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