Google Play Store Setup

Google Play Store Setup

Follow the below steps below for integrating a Google Play account

1. Select Authorized Google Play from Settings >> Integrations >> Google Play

2. Click on Add page

3. Provide the Name of the App to integrate

4. Provide the Package name of the App (refer to the below information for more details) 

5. Provide Cloud storage URI of the App for fetching all historic reviews (refer to the below information for more details) 
Note: If this is not provided, only reviews from the last 7 days will be collected.

6. Upload the API credentials file (refer to the below information for more details) 
Note: If the account has more than one App we can use the same credentials file to connect all Apps.

How To Find App Package Name

1. Login to your Google Play Console account

2. Select the All apps tab

3. From the list of Apps, we can find the App package name just below the App name

How To Find Cloud Storage URI of an App

1. Login to your Google Play Console account

2. Select Reviews tab from Download Reports

3. From the copy option on the top right we can find the Cloud Storage URI for the selected App

How To Create API Credentials File

Step 1 : Link the Google play developer account to a Google Cloud Project.

1. Login to your Google Play Console account

2. Select the API access option from the Setup

3. Select Create new project or Link existing project (If you already have one)

4. For linking a new project
     - Select ‘create a new project’ and click on the link project

5. For linking existing projects

    - Choose any of the existing projects from the drop-down and click the link project

Note: If you already have a linked project, skip step 1

Step 2: Enable the Google Play Developer API for the linked Google Cloud Project

1. Select API access from the Setup

2. Turn ON the ‘Google Play Android Developer API

Step 3 : Create a service account and generate API credentials

1. Open the connected Google Cloud project

2. From the opened Google Cloud Project select Service accounts from IAM and admin menu


4. Provide an account name an click on continue

5. Under the select a role dropdown, choose Basic and select Browser, then click continue.

6. Click on Done
7. For creating an API key select Manage keys from the 3 dot menu

8. Click on ADD KEY option and select Create new key 

9. From the opened window select JSON and click on CREATE

10. The key will be automatically downloaded to your computer and this downloaded file needs to be uploaded during the integration process

Step 4: Providing API permissions

1. Back in the Google Play Developer Console under API access, you can now see the service account you created under the list of Service accounts section

2. Click on Manage Play Console permissions

3. Under Accounts Permissions select the below permissions and uncheck the remaining
    • View app information and download bulk reports (read only)
    • Reply to reviews

  1. Click on Invite User

Finally, return to our initial integration page. You can upload the API credentials created from the previous step to our platform. Uploading this, alongside the other required data fields described above, will allow you to connect with Google Play!

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