Google "TrueListings"

Google "TrueListings"

Validating  Google public facing listing details has been a lengthy and tedious process, until now. Clients now have the option of validating their Google public facing listing details against their Google Business Profile database directly in their profile to be absolutely certain that all listing content is correct. 

To provide context, Google maintains two distinct data sets for all business locations.

The first, is what is being recorded in the Google Business Profile data set. This is data set made available to customers in their Google Business account and the API connections that power LocalClarity and all other listing management platforms.

The second set is the data set that is presented to the public. Unfortunately, these data sets are rarely (if ever) in perfect sync, especially at enterprise scale.

The only way to be absolutely certain if any variances exist between what Google tells you is presented and what your potential customers see is to conduct a direct public audit and compare the details. These audits in LocalClarity are labeled as "Google Public" and are identifiable by their solid blue 'G' in users Manage Locations module listing table.

How do I add Google "TrueListings" to my profile? 
If something like this interests you and your business, please email your assigned Client Success Associate or to have this new listing source added to your profiles. Once the "TrueListings" are added, refresh you profile and you will see them fully mapped in your Manage Locations module. 

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    • What email address should I use?

      While we recommend using your company email, you can use any email you wish to setup your Local Clarity account. The email you use to access Local Clarity does not need to be the same email with which you access Google My Business.